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Daniel Nolan

Founder & Managing Director



It was whilst I was parachuted into a big client I had a sudden epiphany. It was something I was used to seeing all too often but then it struck me. I was in a board meeting with the CEO, CFO, Sales Director and a few other key people and they said, look we don’t have a clue what we are doing. We have used a handful of agencies and have now even hired an in-house digital specialist but we still aren’t getting results.

They said it’s stifling our growth and our ambition, for the last few years, we have
gone nowhere. We are just about standing still. We are a multi-million turnover
business but we are stuck and pulling our hair out trying to understand any of it. Where are we going wrong?

So I said we need to hear it direct from the source. So we rescheduled and met with the agency’s in-house specialist and the rest of the management team.

After 15 minutes of gentle interrogation, I realised an interesting dynamic which I had seen all too often before.

The management team had no idea about any of the concepts the agency described and were lost at the technical language used. The in-house marketing manager understood most of it and had good basic knowledge but not enough to challenge the strategy, and when they did they were “ganged up on” by the agency and quickly backed down.

So the agency had the company by the balls. There was no 2 directional debate, you could simply accept what the agency told you or pick another one once your contract had run its course. And this was set to repeat itself because the root cause hadn’t been resolved, and the relationships with agencies were toxic at best and unhealthy for the business.


I thought there and then, this model is broken and I see it over and over again. I have a blueprint for how a business should buy leads, generate their own leads, and service those leads to the maximum potential. I have done it for almost 15 years in this sector. No fluff or smoke and mirrors. Just proper stuff that works!

Not only that we can teach you, and give you in-house capabilities. We won’t hold you to ransom! Growing businesses and growing people is what we do, we get a kick out of it and it helps us grow other businesses and attract more clients so it’s a win-win for everyone.

Founder and Managing Director


Iain McIntosh
Iain McIntosh
Sales Manager, Walkers Windows
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They ran our digital marketing and took us to a whole new level. They got all our campaigns firing and also got us to break through on Facebook paid ads for the first time generating hundreds of quality leads a month. And it wasn’t just about the lead volumes in 2022 we grew the revenue by 32% whilst maintaining our cost of sale which was phenomenal! Not a doubt in my mind Dan Nolan is the best in the business.
Andy Parkinson
Andy Parkinson
Trusted Windows Founder
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We started the business in 2020. Shortly after launching Covid-19 hit and caused chaos across the Globe. This obviously impacted us as much as anybody. With the multitude of headwinds arising from the pandemic, one thing that didn’t go against us was lead generation. I am confident in asserting that Dark Matter Digital was a winning choice. From a cold start in a brand new company, with no legacy, no history and no recommendations, we generated circa £7m of sales in a little over 18 months. The sales results were solely generated from digital marketing activity. This is, I believe, unprecedented in this sector. I would, without reservation, advocate their expertise, talent and customer engagement.